Escape PlansSO Rodger Gillespie


"Get down, get low, get out and stay out!" - OPS Rodger Gillespie


If you discover a fire in your home you need to get out!  This is when you need to put your escape plan into action and get everyone out safely.  This means that you need to have a plan already that you and your family know well, and one that you have practised!

The Plan

  • When making the plan with your family take the following into account:
  • Identify two exits from each room, if possible
  • Make sure that doors and windows are clear and easy to open, and that there is a safe way to reach the ground, especially from upper floors
  • Keep keys in deadlocks at all times when home
  • Make special plans for young children and older people, or those who may need assistance in an emergency
  • Have a safe outside meeting place where everyone goes to, such as a letterbox or a special tree.  You need to be clear of driveways that may be used by arriving fire trucks
  • Finally, consider that you may have to get out at different times of the day or night

Once you have made your escape plan stick it somewhere everyone can see it, the fridge is a good place.  It's a good idea to practice every six months.  If you have babysitters or guests staying with you don't forget to make them aware of the plan as well.

Make sure there is a safe way to reach the ground

When Fire Strikes

  • Shout FIRE, FIRE, FIRE! to warn other people in the house 
  • Crawl low and fast, following your escape plan route. 
  • Remember, "Get down, Get low, Get out!" 
  • Shut doors behind you to slow the spread of fire 
  • Meet at the escape plan meeting place 
  • Once out, NEVER go back inside 
  • From a safe phone, either a mobile or the neighbours, dial 111, ask for Fire and then tell them:
         Your house number and street
         Suburb and city
         The nearest intersection 
         If you have a rural ID number, tell them that too 
  • Wait for the Fire Service to arrive and tell them where the fire is and if anyone is still inside.