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"Hi Kids, Welcome to your page on the Cust Fire Brigade Website"

- SFF Johnny Riley

 Hi, I'm Amber!



Hi, my name is Flint!

 Kia ora guys, my name is Amber and this is my friend Flint. 


We will be putting up some cool stuff for you guys to look check out.  But, we also want you to think about Fire Safety too!
Have you heard our station alarm go off?  When the alarm sounds we drop what ever we are doing and drive down to the station.  When we arrive we get a message on the radio that tells us what the emergency is and where we need to go! 
Have you seen our Fire Appliance?
It is a Mitsubishi truck and its' Callsign
is CUST781. You can check out 
the Fire Truck Siren here too!





So, what do you know about fire safety?  Here are some things that you can do to keep youself safe:

  1. Never play with matches or candles, these are tools for adults and not toys for you!
  2. Do you have a smoke alarms in your house and do they work?  If not, make sure you tell Mum or Dad that you need them, right now!
  3. If there is a fire, make sure that you Get Down, Get Low and Get Out and Stay Ouy!  You must never go back into the building until an adult tells you that it is safe.
  4. Practise your escape plan with your family.  Everyone needs to know where to meet if there is a fire and you have to get out.
Hey, do you feel like colouring in?  Well, there is a picture here that you can print and colour in.  If you drop your picture off at the station then we will swap it for a big poster for you.

 See you back soon!