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Q. How many fire stations are there in New Zealand?
A. There are 440 Fire Stations spread throughout the country.
Q. How many fire appliances does the NZ Fire Service have?
A. The NZFS has around 960 fire appliances.

Q. How many firefighters are there in New Zealand?
A. There are 8700 firefighters, of these 1700 are career staff, the remaining 7000 are volunteers.

Q. How many firefighters are there in the Cust Brigade?
A. We have 20 Brigade members.

Q. Do volunteer firefighters get paid when they attend callouts?
A. No, volunteer firefighters in New Zealand receive no payment at all.

Q. How do I find out about becoming a firefighter?
A. See our Join Us page for information about this.

Q. Does the Cust Brigade respond to medical emergencies?
A. We sometimes assist the ambulance service, particularly if they are delayed for some reason.  We are trained in first aid and carry first aid equipment including oxygen and a defibrillator.

Q. How many emergency callouts does the Cust Brigade attend?
A. This varies a little from year to year, about 60 calls per year is usual.

Q. Is it dangerous to be a firefighter?
A. Not if we are doing our job well.  By training for all situations we reduce the risks of injury as much as possible.

Q. Can women become firefighters?
A. Definitely, women are active both as volunteers and career firefighters, we have two women in our brigade.