Smoke Alarms Save Lives!Smoke Alarms

 FF Chris Neason


"Smoke alarms save lives, it is as simple as that." - QFF Chris Neason 



A working smoke alarm will alert you and your family to the presence of fire, so giving you time to escape.  Fires start quietly and grow quickly.  If you are asleep then you are very unlikely to smell the smoke and it is this smoke, rather than fire, that kills the majority of house fire victims.  Buying smoke alarms and changing the battery when required, could save your life, or that of one of your family!

You should install a smoke alarm in every hallway, bedroom and living area and on every level of your home.  Install smoke alarms on the ceiling at least 300mm from any corner or wall.  If they are wall mounted place them 100mm from the ceiling.


If you would like help to install your smoke alarms then contact us here, and we will call you to arrange a visit.

Test your smoke alarms regularly
Test smoke alarms each month by pushing the test button
to ensure it beeps.  You may need to use a broom handle.
Change the battery when required.Clean your smoke alarm regularly
Dust in the smoke alarm can stop it working and
cause nuisance alarms.  Gently dust the alarm
with a vacuum cleaner brush every six months.
Change your batteries when the clocks change for daylight saving.
Replace any smoke alarms that are not
working or are over 10 years old.


If you have any questions about smoke alarms then please contact us, we are here to help you.